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How to Find the Right Sales Brokerage for Your Needs

Finding the right brokerage is essential if you’re looking for a new home or a better mortgage. Local experts can make the process much easier by advising and recommending everything from repairs to staging to listing prices.

They also know what amenities attract buyers to the area, such as a pool or screened-in porch.


Purchasing or selling a home is complicated, and it pays to have an experienced professional on your side. Ask your broker how long they’ve been working in the business, how many homes they typically sell and help buyers close on, and their typical fees.

A good broker like New Home Sales brokerage will know how to create a listing that will stand out online and make it easier for potential buyers to find. They’ll also be able to guide you through preparing your home for sale, including repairs, staging, and marketing the property.

In some cases, brokers will act as the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent at the same time. This is called dual agency, and it’s essential to be aware of it before you sign any contracts. A good broker will disclose any dual agency relationships with you upfront. They’ll also explain how they’ll represent your interests throughout the process, so you can feel confident that their advice is unbiased.


The broker you choose will be your partner during one of your life’s most financially significant and stressful periods. You want to ensure your broker’s personality is a good fit for yours.

Look for a broker who is innovative, curious, and outgoing. They will have a strong network of connections and be predisposed to forging new partnerships. Brokers are also highly persuasive and competent at selling new concepts and ideas. They work better with other personas, especially pioneers who create new opportunities and directors who are task-oriented and adept at making things happen.

A broker with the stamina to list a property online, field inquiries, arrange showings, and see a deal through to closing can save you a bundle in commission fees. But it takes a particular kind of person to do so.


The broker you work with will be your most important partner in a real estate transaction. You’ll want to make sure you can communicate with ease. Ask prospective agents about their communication style and how they update their clients.

Ask how much of a network the brokerage has and how you can tap into it. For example, some larger brokerages have partnerships with local staging companies, real estate attorneys, and photographers that can help you market your properties.

It’s also important to consider how well-connected a broker is within their firms and the industry. A seasoned broker will have strong relationships with other agents and vendors so that when you need assistance, they can help you out. They will know the best local inspectors, mortgage brokers, and home warranty providers. They’ll also be aware of any zoning issues you might run into that could delay your closing. They’ll also have tips that can help you sell your property quickly.


A good broker should have a solid reputation. This means many past/current clients and connections to other professionals. Brokerages that are part of national franchises are generally best for those who want a known brand name and structure.

A broker should be able to answer questions about fees. Ask them about desk fees, transaction paperwork fees, etc. Ideally, you want a brokerage that is upfront about all costs and ready to communicate openly.



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