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How to Check Pending Deposits on Chime?

Chime allows users to deposit money into their account as soon as they are sent by another bank or institution. A few business days later, the funds become available and can be withdrawn at an ATM or requested via ACH (Direct Deposit) to a linked bank account. Pending Deposits are those that have not yet been added to the user’s balance but have been received and verified by the financial institution that issued it.

In order to view your pending deposits on chime, you’ll first need to go to the top of your screen and click the balance tab. On the left hand side of your screen you will see several options including pending deposits, pending transfers and recent activity. By clicking on this section, you will be able to view all incoming deposits. These deposits can either come from people that have sent you money through the Send Money feature on chime or from businesses that have set up an automatic deposit with your information through online banking.

Open the Chime app

1. Open the Chime app and tap on Accounts from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

2. Tap Deposit History in the second column.

3. Scroll down until you see any pending deposit, then tap it for more information about that specific transaction, including where it was sent from, when it was sent and how much it is for. If a pending deposit has an error, tap Error next to the amount. You can also cancel a pending deposit by tapping Cancel next to the amount. Once cancelled, this money will return back to the original account, so be careful! Once there’s no pending transactions left on your account, you can close the page or hit Home again to go back to whichever page you were viewing previously.

Click Deposits

1) Log in to your Chime account.

2) Click the icon at the top right of your screen that resembles an envelope.

3) Click the Pending tab and scroll through the list of transactions.

4) If you see a transaction that is not showing up, click Details next to it and select Claim Funds.

5) Enter all required information and click Submit. The funds should be available within 24 hours. In the event that they are not, contact customer service for more help. You may also want to look into transferring some or all of your balance to a different bank. Doing so will allow you to maintain access to your money while still avoiding any fees incurred by Chime.

Some reasons why people might choose this include: Higher interest rates; Ability to deposit checks; Access to loans; Accessibility (less distance between branch locations).

Scroll down and click Deposit History

On the Chime Home page, click Deposit History. In the Search bar, enter your account name and then hit Enter. You will see a list of all transactions that have been processed into your account. Click the transaction you want to see more information about and scroll down to find out if it is a deposit or withdrawal. If it’s a deposit, click Deposit Details for details about when the money was deposited and how much money is in your account now. If it’s a withdrawal, click Withdrawal Details for details about the date and amount withdrawn from your account. It may take up to 10 days for your deposit to show up in your Chime account.

Click the Transaction ID number

1. Login to your Chime account

2. Click the Transactions tab at the top of the page

3. Find the transaction from a Chime account you want to view, then click it

4. Click Show Details next to the transaction ID number 5. You will see two tabs, one for Deposit and one for Withdrawal 6. The Deposit tab shows if money has been sent into this Chime account 7. If money is present in this Chime account then it should show up as Pending 8. The withdrawal tab will show if money has been withdrawn from this Chime account 9. If money has been withdrawn from this Chime Account, then that amount will be shown as Withdrawn 10. It is possible to withdraw money without having any funds deposited 11. In order to close an account you must have all funds moved out before contacting Chime 12. Money may take up to five days before showing on Chime 13. Accounts are closed by using our web site 14. When requesting a closed account through the website we will send an email 15. Once requested, accounts can no longer be used 16.

Check for a hold

The first thing you need to do is log into your account and go to the Transactions tab. From there, select Check Account Status. This will show you your account details, including any holds that have been placed. If a hold has been placed on your funds, it will be displayed under the Account Holds section. You’ll also see a date when this hold expires. To get an idea of what caused the hold, look at the Details button in this same area. It will list out the charge or bank withdrawal with which your deposit was associated and provide some additional information about why they were withheld.

The next step would be to contact the organization holding your money for more information about their policies or procedures. They may require more information from you before releasing your deposit (such as proof of ID).

If you don’t want a hold placed on future deposits, all you need to do is send them another wire transfer using Chime’s interface. Select Wire Transfer from My Accounts tab, enter the name of recipient bank (and routing number if necessary), input desired amount and then click Next Step.


Chime is an online bank with a lot of great features, one of which is the ability to see your pending deposits. To do so, you’ll want to log into your account and select Transactions from the menu bar. The page that pops up will allow you to view all the different types of transactions including ones made in person at any Chime location. To find pending deposits, scroll down and select Pending Deposits. This will take you to a new page where you can see all past, present, and future transactions for your account. Scrolling down will reveal any pending deposit under Deposit History.



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