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5 Reasons Why a Blast Room is Essential for Your Business

Blast rooms efficiently prepare significant components and provide a safe environment for the blast operator and co-workers. They can be designed to fit your application, part size, production rates, types of abrasives used, and workflow of the finished parts.

A blast room system comprises an enclosure, dust collector, pressure air media blast delivery, and a media recovery/cleaning system. The dust collector filters the air to maintain visibility and safety and minimize particulate matter.


A blast room can be designed to meet your plant’s unique application requirements and processes. This can include the type of media you use and what material handling method will best support your abrasive blasting needs.

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle or joint to stretch to its maximum range of motion without restriction. It’s an essential part of physical fitness and an excellent way to prevent injury, decrease back pain, and maintain healthy joints and bones.

A blast room typically includes blasting equipment (blast machines, blast suits, and respirators), abrasive reclaim systems (pneumatic or mechanical), and a dust collector. A well-designed system will not only keep the air in your facility clean but also be able to handle the volume of abrasive particles produced by your blasting operations.


Blast rooms are designed to house blast equipment and safely permit 360-degree blasting. These purpose-built blast facilities are engineered to meet each client’s unique application and process requirements.

The size and configuration of your blast room will depend on the size and weight of your workpiece, the type of media used for blasting, the material handling method of loading parts into the blast chamber, and your production requirements.

Partial floor media recovery options allow forklift trucks or other forklifts to move your part through the blast room. Full-floor media recovery systems can handle more significant components such as tanks or large construction equipment. A well-engineered abrasive blasting facility will offer a variety of features to maximize safety, productivity, and efficiency.


An adequately designed blast room is a safe and productive work environment for everyone involved. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about abrasive dust and other particles invading your office, shop, or lab. Keeping dust to a minimum is a big time management headache that only a quality air handling system can solve. A top-of-the-line unit will provide a hygienic, dust-free workplace that will ensure your success. Taking it one step further, we’ll help you select the right system for your specific needs. Our experts are on hand to offer suggestions and advice.


Efficiency is the ability to do something without wasting time or materials. Businesses must maximize efficiency and productivity to boost profits and increase business value.

Blast rooms offer efficient and productive abrasive blasting solutions for preparing significant, complex components while protecting the operators and their work area from dust. They are available in various sizes to suit multiple applications, and abrasive recovery systems can be incorporated into the design for increased production rates.

They arrive ready to install and include full area recovery (either pneumatic with cyclone separator or mechanical with air-wash abrasive cleaner), lights, one full-width door, and a control panel. Just connect the components and add power and air for a quick setup.


Blast rooms are a cost-effective way to reclaim your abrasive material and save you money by minimizing the amount of waste in the environment. During blasting, your high-quality abrasives can be recycled and reused repeatedly.

These systems are built to meet your specific application and product requirements. They can be designed with air-wash, or cyclonic media reclaim systems and operator safety equipment such as blast suits, respirators, or air masks.

A pre-engineered room is an economical choice to quickly and easily add a blast room to your site. It arrives ready to install and includes area recovery (pneumatic with cyclone separator or mechanical), lights, a full-width, full-height door, and a control panel.



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