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Understanding the Top 5 Benefits Packages Offered by Boeing

Whether you work in the Boeing headquarters or remotely, you may have questions about your compensation and benefits package. These questions are often better served by financial professionals helping Boeing employees get the most out of their benefits and compensation packages. 

Health Care

The healthcare landscape includes preventing, diagnosing, and treating illness, disease, and injury in people. This involves medical and surgical interventions, home healthcare services, and rehabilitation therapy. The industry comprises healthcare practitioners, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, surgery centers, birthing centers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. One of Boeing employee benefits is health care, and it has partnered with healthcare systems to create a more cost-effective option for its employees. These collaborations, known as direct contracting, are intended to help lower costs and improve employee satisfaction.


Boeing provides retirement benefits to help employees prepare for the future. These include a 401(k) plan, an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, a deferral program, and other savings and investment options. Boeing also offers flexible work arrangements and support for family life needs, such as a winter break between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day and assistance with backup child or adult care options. Eligible Employees may enroll in the VIP and make a Deferral Election by accessing their My Retirement Income website through Boeing TotalAccess. In addition, the VIP will respect previous distribution elections made by sure former participants in the BSS Voluntary Savings Plan, as described below. The company will only contribute to a Participant’s VIP account if they experience a Separation from Service or an Authorized Period of Absence that is expected to last up to one year, and the Participant expects that their retirement benefit will be reduced as a result. In such a situation, the company will refund the Pretax Contributions that have been automatically deducted from their paycheck, plus any investment earnings (or losses) that have occurred.

Paid Time Off

Employees with access to paid time off are better equipped to meet the demands of their personal life, fostering a healthy work-life balance and boosting morale. While companies aren’t legally required to offer PTO, it’s a significant benefit that attracts and retains top talent. A PTO policy combines vacation, sick and personal days into one pool of days employees can use at their discretion. Depending on the company’s policy, some PTO policies also include particular types of leave, like bereavement or jury duty. Some employers are experimenting with unlimited PTO, allowing employees to take as much time off as they need, with manager approval. This new approach can boost morale, but it’s essential to remember that not all employees are comfortable with unlimited PTO. The most traditional PTO offers a specific number of days or hours employees earn each pay period and often includes an accrual system that increases as employees stay with the company. These policies may also require that unused vacation days be paid out upon termination.

Paid Holidays

Most companies offer paid time off to allow employees to take a break from work. This can include vacation days, sick days, or even just a day off for a personal holiday. Boeing is no exception to this rule as they offer their employees several paid holidays that can be taken throughout the year. Boeing employees can also access other benefits, including financial counseling, tuition assistance, and future investment plans. Additionally, they can take advantage of the company’s huge discounts on everything from electronics to theme parks and even rental cars and cruises. Boeing is also committed to encouraging their employees to fulfill their civic duties, and if they are required to serve on a jury, they can take time off with pay. This is a great benefit as it allows them to participate in these critical activities without worrying about their income. The company also offers employees several weeks of fully paid parental leave if they need to care for their newborn, adopted child, or foster child.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides free and confidential assessment, short-term support, counseling, and referral services to employees and their family members to help them cope with work and personal problems that can impact job performance and overall well-being. Typical problems include:

  • Substance abuse.
  • Mental health issues (depression, anxiety).
  • Major life events (births, accidents, and death).
  • Work-related stress.
  • Financial or healthcare concerns.
  • Family/personal relationships.

The benefits of an EAP can be very significant for your workforce in these stressful times. It has been shown that providing these kinds of resources can reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

There are many different types of EAP programs, but they all typically offer various services, such as counseling, education, and support groups. These services can range from family and marriage counseling to financial advice and budgeting, debt management, loan consolidation, setting up an emergency savings account, etc. An EAP can also provide access to online tools that can give you a personalized plan to address your needs and goals. This includes online courses, self-help guides and tools, and webinars.



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