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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid That Could Ruin Your Motorcycle Crash Case

Getting into a motorcycle accident is scary, with numerous riders incurring costly injuries that require insurance settlements. Due to the shock experienced in the aftermath of the accident, most riders make mistakes that cost them significant benefits in their crash case. Educating yourself on the dos and don’ts in such an event will be vital for helping you avoid such errors, allowing you to get adequate compensation. So what are some things to keep in mind?

Avoid Recording a Statement

Numerous insurance companies will try to get a recorded statement or have you sign a waiver immediately after the accident. These documents will often have legal implications that you may be unaware of, resulting in a lower payout during your case. To avoid this, limit contact with your insurance company before your motorycle accident law firm in Vero Beach experts have reviewed the documents.

Failing To Get Contact Information

Failure to get the other party’s information could limit your chances of filing a claim, as this will be the foundation of any collision case. Ensure you get the name and telephone number of the party in question and their insurance company. In addition to this, witnesses’ contact information will also be essential for your case, allowing you to have a firsthand narration of negligence or fault caused by the other party.  

Failing To Get Medical Attention

Medical records will be essential for showing proof of injuries sustained, with numerous riders opting to forego consultation immediately after the accident. This could harm your chances of getting a compensation payout, with evidence critical in ascertaining the injuries sustained. Since conditions such as sore necks take time to appear, medical records will help link severe conditions to the accident, providing a solid base for your case.

Not Riding Roadworthy Motorcycles

Defects in your motorcycle will be the most straightforward defense for a case dismissal, resulting in a no-payout claim. To avoid these, make it a point to get regular maintenance on your bike. The most common areas to keep track of will be the headlights, brake lights, and your front and rear brakes. Mechanical failures in these areas are some of the leading causes of the estimated 600 fatalities reported on Florida roads in 2020 alone.

In addition to this, ensure that your mirrors give you an adequate view of your surroundings, with horns and turn signals also being essential tools to help you prove that your motorcycle is street-legal. This will be important in helping you avoid any negligence in your case, shifting the focus on the other party.

Failure To Contact the Police

Police records often contain important information about the crash, whether it was the driver or rider who was at fault, the injuries sustained, the damages, and witnesses present. These are essential for any motorcycle crash case, allowing you to have a detailed record of the accident. This is according to information published by Florida authorities ranking the state as having the most motorcycle fatalities in 2019.

Numerous negligent drivers may convince you to avoid contacting the police, with insurance companies offering lucrative payouts for such an agreement. While this may seem like a favorable deal, numerous negotiations often end up in lower settlements for the aggrieved parties. Police records give you accurate records and evidence of the findings, providing a fair understating of the events that may tip in your favor.

Not Working With an Experienced Lawyer

Not all lawyers are experts in handling motorcycle crash cases, with the majority providing general services. An expert attorney in such a matter will be more suited to gather the proper evidence for your case while having the know-how to file the correct records and represent you in court to the best of their ability. Ensure that your legal expert has years of experience in this area, with testimonials from family and friends being the best sources of referrals. In addition to this, a quick search on online platforms can help you determine if your attorney is a qualified legal expert, with reviews coming in handy for this.

The above are some mistakes to avoid when you get into a motorcycle accident, increasing your chances of a successful claim. Remember to keep your medical documents and police records close by while avoiding giving a recorded statement. In addition to this, work with experienced attorneys, and gather contact information of parties involved in the accident. Lastly, ensure that you operate a street-worthy motorcycle to boost your chances of getting the maximum compensation benefits.



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