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Maximizing Security and Efficiency With an IAM Suite

IAM solutions ensure employees, customers and partners can access company resources seamlessly, rapidly and securely. They also help prevent cybercriminals from breaching existing access rights.

IAM solutions are available in both on-premises and cloud-based models. Security and IT leaders must determine the best fit for their organization’s needs.

Automated Onboarding

A streamlined and effective onboarding process helps new hires feel connected to the company culture and feel confident in their roles much earlier. Automating the process allows your HR and IT teams to take on a huge portion of the work and free up time & resources for other tasks.

Manual onboarding can involve waiting hours, days or weeks for access requests to be approved, processed and activated. This can be incredibly stressful for employees, and the process may lead to security issues. With automation, new hires can be granted access to apps & websites instantly based on their role & permission levels through an identity management platform. Offboarding is just as easy, with automated tools removing an employee’s access to systems, applications & data in real time.

Access Control

An IAM suite provides a bird’s-eye view of all access credentials. Once a user’s identity is verified, the system can assign them specific roles that determine what they can read, write or execute. It can also track account activities, which helps prevent users from abusing privileges that they have been granted.

Securely logging in to cloud applications is critical to business productivity in the modern age. But with more and more applications being distributed across the Internet, ensuring security while ensuring an efficient user experience can be challenging.

An IAM solution can solve these challenges by providing centralized policies that allow users to access their favorite applications. This can help organizations save time by streamlining systems that may no longer be needed while lowering support costs associated with password resets and other security-related issues.


An audit is “an examination by an independent party of a company’s books to verify the accuracy and completeness of recorded transactions and events.” It can assess internal controls, examine and evaluate product quality or performance, and confirm compliance with legal or regulatory requirements.

Boosting operational efficiency is an essential requirement for modern IAM programs. Over-extended security teams need help managing the ever-increasing number of devices, users and data while being asked to do more with less.

A centralized IAM suite enables security leaders to provision and de-provision access across tools at the identity level rather than the device or application level. This provides fine-grained access control and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources and reduces administrative burden. This enables security and IT to effectively meet their organization’s cybersecurity goals.


A top-tier IAM suite can provide comprehensive reporting on user access and activity. This helps you comply with increasingly stringent regulatory standards like CCPA, GDPR and FISMA and reduces risk by enabling you to detect and respond to security incidents quickly.

IAM solutions can save IT departments time and money by automating tasks that require human intervention, like resetting passwords or unlocking accounts. This frees them to devote more time and resources to important projects.

An IAM solution allows IT administrators to revoke a user’s access in one central location, and this action takes effect across all systems integrated with the centralized platform. This simplifies user life cycle management and allows IT to abide by strict compliance and auditing requirements.


Authentication is verifying someone’s identity to ensure they are who they say they are. It helps minimize vulnerabilities and boost security posture by providing that only authorized users have access to data, applications, systems, or resources.

IAM solutions integrating Zero Trust and constant verification technologies offer multiple authentication options like password-less logins, mobile and biometric authentication, email and SMS one-time passwords, privileged access management, and more. This makes meeting compliance standards, transaction monitoring for suspicious activity reporting, and the red flags rule.

The ability to automatically update access privileges for employees en masse as they change roles or job titles can also reduce support requests to the IT department and help maximize productivity and security for everyone involved.



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