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Key Triggers of Motorcycle Accidents

Road accidents often happen, and it’s among the worst things that can happen to a road user. Most people who cause accidents fail to follow road rules and regulations and end up causing accidents. Whether an accident is minor or significant, it negatively impacts the victims’ lives. It causes disabilities, injuries, pain, and emotional distress that take time to heal. Below are some fundamental causes of road accidents caused by either error or road safety violations.

Over Speeding

Most accidents occur due to drivers speeding past the required limit. Most people get curious and tend to overspend, but it’s important to remember that other users are sharing the road, too, and you can be the next to hire a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer. Faster vehicles or motorcycles are more prone to severe accidents and more injuries compared to slower cars. The car needs to have a clear distance to brake at a higher speed than a slower vehicle that can stop immediately.

Driving Under Influence

Drinking alcohol and driving puts your life and other road users at risk. To avoid accidents or other situations, avoid drinking and driving. If you have to drink, at least have a driver in sight waiting to take you home. Other drugs can put you at risk of causing accidents, including prescribed drugs that cause drowsiness. Drowsiness can make you fall asleep while you’re behind the wheel, which is dangerous. If you’re on such medication, you’re advised to avoid driving until you recover.


Even a minor distraction can cause significant accidents, and distractions can happen either inside or outside the car. Currently, the major distraction on the road is cell phone use, as talking over the phone slows down your ability to work since the major portion of the brain is concentrated on the phone. Therefore, road rules and regulations discourage the use of a cell phone while driving, and if the calls are urgent, pull beside the road and receive them. Other distractions include adjusting side mirrors while diving, loud music in the car, animals crossing the roads like deer, and billboards.

Ignoring the Red Light

Commonly, most people fail to observe the red-light rule, and vehicles cross without caring. The main aim of red lights is to save time, so people can get to their destinations safely. When people skip the red light, they cause more problems for road users, like traffic jams and chaos at the crossing line. When disorder occurs at the crossing line, everybody gets late for their destinations, or even accidents can result.


Driving when it’s raining can get scary due to poor vision, leading to collisions. Heavy rain can cause mist resulting in cloudy vision on the windshield. With poor vision on the road, a single mistake can lead to an accident, causing severe injuries. To avoid being in such a situation, check the weather forecast daily to know the predicted time for heavy storms.

Unroadworthy Vehicles

It’s advisable to take your vehicle for servicing often to ensure it is in the right state of being on the road. Early detection of faults in your vehicle assists with repairs before the car causes an accident. Most parts of the vehicles, like brake pads, gears, and engines, may fail to work, causing undesirable events. Before you leave your garage in the morning, always ensure your car is roadworthy ad take it for an oil change when the right time comes.

When you follow the road rules and regulations, you save yourself expenses for car repairs and excess insurance payments to the victims of your reckless driving. You will also avoid expenses for attorneys when people file lawsuits against you for causing accidents. Before you drive, ensure that you’re certified and licensed by the relevant authority to be a driver to stay safe on the road.



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