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How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

When renting a fleet or commercial vehicles, preventing catalytic converter theft is a top concern. Catalytic converters convert harmful gases produced by combustion engines into less harmful byproducts such as steam. Without working catalytic converters, vehicles can emit gases that are harmful to the environment and also against local ordinances. Sadly, catalytic converters are a popular target for thieves because these automotive parts contain rare and valuable metals. The following tips will help keep your fleet of automobiles safe.

Ways To Avoid Catalytic Converter Theft

  • Park in Secure Areas: one way to avoid potential theft is to park in areas that are not easy to access. A garage, fenced parking lot, or parking location with an entry point can help prevent theft. Additions such as security, lighting, and alarms can also increase your overall safety. Another safety method is to park in areas with a lot of foot traffic, which makes crimes hard to do. Theft is often a crime of opportunity and a lack of access and visibility can deter a thief.
  • Parking Strategically: you can also park in such a way that your catalytic converter is not easy to access. Fleet vehicles with high levels of clearance are at greater risk of theft due to easier access. Parking near a fence, wall, or next to lower-riding vehicles can make access harder. Also, parking in front of a business or near a busy road can prove effective.
  • Hiring Security: if you are a large company with an equally large fleet, hiring overnight security can be a worthwhile investment. Hiring professional security ensures your fleet parking areas are observed by experts trained to look for suspicious activity. Having security can deter criminals as theft becomes far more hazardous when a location is patrolled by security. Plus, if theft does occur, having security on site can help in theft prevention and apprehension. While requiring investment in staff, overnight security can be cheaper than continued fees and replacement costs.
  • Surveillance Equipment: if you have a company parking lot where your fleet rentals are parked when in use, you’ll want to ensure you have proper surveillance equipment. Having surveillance equipment can help prevent theft. Just the sight of several cameras can give a thief second thoughts and if they are bold enough to steal a catalytic converter, you have video evidence for possible identification.
  • Take Advantage of Alarms: modern automobiles make use of factory-installed alarms that will go off if the car is lifted or tilted with a jack when locked and the alarms are set. By reminding your staff to lock any fleet vehicle when they are parking them and setting the alarm, they can help prevent theft as a loud alarm will scare a thief off as the noise will call attention to them. Note that not every type of automobile has such an alarm system, but if your fleet vehicles, be sure to take advantage of that safety feature.
  • Make Sure The Automobiles Converters Are Marked: when renting fleet automobiles you may want to ask if the catalytic converters are marked. This marking normally consists of having the VIN and/or license plate number engraved on the catalytic converter. This makes reselling a stolen catalytic converter difficult as many stores will not purchase them and if they do have identifying numbers engraved on them, it makes the items easier to find. Bright spray paint is also sometimes used for marking purposes.

The theft of catalytic converters is an issue for both fleet owners and those who rent fleet automobiles. By practicing proper safety and prevention techniques, you can keep the fleet vehicles you are using safe during business activities and other levels of care can keep those you are renting for extended periods safe as well.



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