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Exploring the Different Types of Car Accident Claims Handled by Lawyers

Car accidents often result in significant expenses, including medical bills, property damage, and lost income. In addition, victims can also receive non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Car accident attorneys can help their clients recover the compensation they deserve. They can file insurance claims and negotiate with the at-fault parties’ insurance companies.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

It is not always your fault when you are involved in a single-car accident. It is possible that another driver cut you off and caused you to swerve into the wrong lane, run off the road, or crash into a tree. Your crash could also occur because of a defective vehicle design or safety defect.

Even the most careful drivers can have problems driving in poor weather conditions or on rough or uneven roads. Suppose you are harmed by the actions of someone else or the negligence of your vehicle. In that case, you should contact an experienced person with different types of motorcycle accident injuries a lawyer can help with. There are often strict filing deadlines and complicated New York auto accident laws that must be followed. The right lawyer can help you file an insurance claim to cover your damages.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Determining fault can be more complicated in accidents involving more than two vehicles. You and your lawyer must gather as much evidence as possible at the scene, including witness accounts, photos of the damage, and physical proof.

For example, in multi-car rear-end collisions—also called chain-reaction crashes—the driver in the rearmost vehicle typically shares fault for the accident. If they were following too closely, they might have hit the car in front of them, which then caused the car in front to rear-end them as well.

The first step in proving negligence in these accidents is showing that the defendant owed you a duty to operate their vehicle safely, failed to meet this duty, and therefore caused quantifiable damages.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions occur when vehicles traveling in opposite directions hit each other head-on. These accidents often result in severe injuries to all parties involved. This is because the force of two moving vehicles colliding at high speeds produces a tremendous impact that can be catastrophic to the victims.

Injuries suffered in head-on collisions may be severe, including spinal cord injuries, head trauma, fractures, internal injuries, and injuries to the arms and legs. They may require extensive medical care & treatment and can also lead to long-term disability.

An experienced New York City head-on collision lawyer can help to ensure that the liable party’s insurance company pays your medical expenses and other compensatory damages within the appropriate timelines. A knowledgeable attorney can also navigate the complex laws that govern such claims, including New York’s No-Fault Law and procedural timelines like the statute of limitations.

Rear-End Collisions

Often, rear-end accidents are caused by drivers who fail to leave a sufficient distance between their car and the vehicle in front of them. They may also be guilty of tailgating or aggressive driving. Other common causes of rear-end crashes include distracted driving, drunk driving, and brake failure.

Many think rear-end collisions are less severe than head-on and side-impact crashes because they typically happen at lower speeds. However, even at low rates, they can cause debilitating injuries. Rear-end accident victims often face inflated medical bills for hospitalization and treatment. They can also lose earnings if they cannot return to work immediately. Additionally, they may suffer from non-economic damages, such as physical pain and mental anguish.

Side-Impact Collisions

Aside from head-on and rear-end collisions, side-impact crashes — broadside and T-bone accidents — are among the deadliest car accident wrecks. They often occur at intersections when drivers fail to follow traffic rules, such as failing to yield the right-of-way or running a red light.

Fault in these types of accidents can be complicated to determine because of the many factors that could have led to the crash, including who was driving faster or whether the weather caused one driver to swerve dangerously. However, a combination of the insurance company claim, the crash report, photographs from the scene, witness testimony, and your attorney’s investigations should help establish fault.

Just as all drivers must exercise reasonable care when operating a vehicle, those who breach this duty and cause injuries that lead to expensive medical expenses can be held accountable for the damages they impose on victims. This can include compensation for physical therapy and ongoing care, such as home health aides.



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