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Can I Drink Chocolate Milk After Tooth Extraction?

Let’s face it: if you’re in the market for tooth extraction services, you’re probably not feeling great. It’s understandable that you might want to do whatever it takes to feel better fast, but don’t be tempted to drink chocolate milk after your tooth extraction until you understand what your body can handle and what can make the recovery process even longer. Make sure you have the facts before making any big decisions like this, so you can get back on track with your life as soon as possible.

What is tooth extraction and why do you need one?

Tooth extraction is a procedure in which a dentist removes teeth from the jaw. It is typically used when the teeth have become decayed, infected, or otherwise damaged. Tooth extractions are often necessary to relieve pain caused by an abscessed tooth or to treat oral cancer. After your dentist has removed your teeth, you may experience discomfort and bleeding for 24 hours or more. Your dentist may prescribe medication to ease these symptoms and make it easier for you to eat solid foods. To prevent infection, try to avoid touching the socket with your fingers. You can use a moistened cotton swab or gauze pad instead. 

If you’re not feeling well enough to take care of yourself, contact someone who can assist you with eating, bathing, dressing and other day-to-day activities.

The Risks of Drinking Chocolate Milk After Tooth Extraction

Yes, you can! Don’t let your dentist scare you away from drinking your favorite cold beverage. The truth is that while there are no guidelines for the consumption of dairy products after oral surgery, the American Dental Association does not discourage drinking it as long as you keep in mind the following: 

  1. Drink a glass of water or other beverage before and during your meal. This will help keep food from sticking to the inside of your mouth and will help rinse out any food particles that may have gotten stuck. 
  2. Choose a mild-flavored liquid diet if possible (i.e., no sour cream or tomato soup). 
  3. Rinse with water before and after drinking anything else. 
  4. Make sure you’re using a straw when drinking so that any debris doesn’t get caught on the teeth. 
  5. Finish chewing all solid foods before swallowing liquids. 
  6. Take small sips of your favorite hot or cold beverage and do not gulp it down quickly. 
  7. Do not eat or drink anything cold right after having something hot . 
  8. And finally, take care to avoid getting milk around the surgical area by wiping off any spilled milk before it dries.

Can i drink chocolate milk after tooth extraction? (Answer)

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Drinking chocolate milk, or any other dairy product for that matter, is not only safe but can actually help you heal faster. Chocolate milk has a lot of calcium and protein, both of which are beneficial for teeth and can help your body better heal from the trauma it endured. In fact, according to WebMD, drinking cold drinks in general may be more soothing than hot ones. So don’t feel like you have to avoid dairy products just because you had your teeth removed. Give yourself some time to recover first then go right back at it with your favorite milkshake or glass of ice cream! You deserve it, after all the hard work you’ve put into keeping those pearly whites healthy these past years. But if the thought of anything cold makes you queasy, try soup! Soup will warm up your insides without having to chew on anything solid – something that might hurt post-surgery. And it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals that will speed up your recovery process. Some soups you could try include chicken noodle, tomato basil, beef stew, vegetable barley. As always, consult your dentist before making any changes to your diet following an oral surgery.

The Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk After Tooth Extraction

If you have just undergone a dental procedure, drinking chocolate milk may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But is it safe? What are the benefits of drinking this sweet beverage? Let’s take a look. 

  1. It will help you recover faster. 
  2. It can minimize the discomfort that typically accompanies dental procedures such as root canal therapy, wisdom tooth removal, and dentures placement. 
  3. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages like chocolate milk can cause an increase in blood sugar levels which may reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease 
  4. Chocolate contains antioxidants which can improve cardiovascular health 
  5. It tastes good! 6. You’ll feel less guilty about eating sweets if you know they’re helping your body 7. Finally, when doctors recommend dairy products after oral surgery or gum surgery, they usually refer to yogurt or other calcium-rich food sources rather than chocolate milk 8. So, when it comes down to it, there really isn’t much evidence suggesting that drinking chocolate milk can have any negative effects on your recovery following a dental procedure 9. In fact some studies suggest that those who consume dairy products following oral surgery experience lower pain levels and heal more quickly 10. To reiterate what was said earlier: yes you should totally drink chocolate milk following a tooth extraction 11. The benefits outweigh any potential negatives


The answer is yes, you can. While the traditional wisdom has always been that you shouldn’t be drinking anything until the numbness from the procedure wears off, it’s actually okay to consume this particular type of dairy product. Your dentist might be asking you to refrain from eating or drinking anything for a few hours but if you’re just being examined and not undergoing any procedures, then it’s best to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The only exception to this rule would be for those who have a sensitivity to chocolate or dairy products, but that’s quite rare among patients.There is a lot of conflicting information online about whether or not you should consume chocolate milk post-tooth extraction. It’s important to note that there are studies that have found that protein-rich foods help prevent low white blood cell counts, which could potentially lead to infections. Chocolate milk also contains sugar and calories, so if you can’t control your intake it may not be the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the sugar and calories, then try coconut water with pulp; strawberries; or even a vegetable smoothie. You might want to ask your dentist before starting any new diet habits, but the bottom line is that it all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of nutrition.



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