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4 Reasons to Love an Illustrated Civic Education Book for Children

Civic education arms students with knowledge of how a democracy is governed. It teaches them about their roles in society and how to act responsibly.

Picture books have been used for years to teach about civics themes and topics. Teachers have created teacher guides and lists of picture books appropriate for elementary school civics instruction.

Inspiring Stories

A powerful book that inspires kids to be the change they want to see in the world. Children’s acts of kindness, from a girl who collects trash to a boy who draws for his neighbors, have a chain reaction that transforms their community into the place they always dreamed it could be.

This silly, rhyming story about a boy who loves stinky cheese so much that he becomes a public nuisance will generate giggles and help kids think through how their personal preferences and actions can impact others.

Engaging Texts

The illustrative styles of a civic education book for children are immersive, offering opportunities for kinesthetic engagement.

The texts can also inspire a variety of classroom discussions. For example, in a funny picture book that explains how a bill becomes a law, readers can learn about the legislative process and how citizens influence government policy.

These books are important because they are helping children become civically engaged. Research shows that children are ready to give back and be responsible from a young age and willing to take on challenges. However, too often, the aims of civic education align with apprenticeship models that portray children as needing adult guidance to be good citizens.

Visually Appealing

Professional authors and illustrators create books that are beautiful to look at and that entertain the reader. However, they also assess deep issues that are part of being human. These include friendship, responsibility, kindness, and respect for others.

Kids are likelier to read and enjoy an illustrated book than one chock-full of words. Illustrated books help them learn to read visually and develop visual literacy skills that will enable them to understand real-world events and situations better.

In addition, these books can introduce children to topics they might not otherwise encounter. 

Inspiring Action

Whether standing up for friends, addressing injustice, or volunteering, these stories inspire kids to make change. Spare text and colorful collages focus on a message that can be read aloud or independently. Ages 4 and up.

This book provides a unique way to introduce civics, explaining why elections are held on certain days when different types of people become eligible to vote. It also emphasizes that our democracy is a work in progress and that each person has the power to contribute to making it better.

This book explores the lives of children from diverse backgrounds who made a difference in their communities. The strength of these young activists inspires readers to stand up for their beliefs and work towards a more just world. Back matter includes historical notes, author and illustrator statements, and more.



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