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How Much Does YouTube Editor Make?

YouTube has become an increasingly popular place to share video content. Whether you’re looking to create a viral sensation or simply upload your own family videos, YouTube provides an easy way for anyone to share their videos with the world. Once you have created the video, someone needs to edit it and add music, sound effects and transitions. That person, who edits the video to make it more appealing, is known as the editor of YouTube. But how much do they make? And what do tIf you’re considering becoming a YouTube editor, you might be wondering how much money you could make with this job, and how long it might take to become established and make that money. In the past, those who wanted to pursue careers as video editors had to find jobs in film or television productions, but the internet has given rise to new career opportunities that didn’t exist even ten years ago—including work as an online video editor for companies like Google and its subsidiary YouTube, which is responsible for more than 1 billion hours of content being viewed on the site each day.hey do? What qualities do they need? How can you become one yourself? Keep reading to find out!

What You Need to Become a Professional Video Editor

The most important things you need to become a professional video editor are patience and practice. Good software is essential, but that’s only part of what it takes. Anyone can use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but to make high-quality videos that stand out from all of those cat videos and home videos, you have to know what you’re doing. It’s also useful to attend courses at your local community college or buy an online course. In fact, there are several classes in our collection of Top 50 Online Courses for Non-Profits and Entrepreneurs. So get ready for some long hours (and hard work) ahead if you want to be a top video editor on YouTube someday!

As with anything else, becoming a good video editor takes time and effort. The first step is to build up your skills by taking free tutorials and experimenting with different types of editing software like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. Next, try following popular channels like PewDiePie and work on other projects in your spare time until you feel comfortable enough to put your work online for everyone to see. And remember: not every editing job will lead directly to big money—but even something as simple as following a tutorial series can help build up vital experience that will open new doors later on down the road.

What Skills Do I Have to Have as a Video Editor?

What skills do you need to have to edit videos on YouTube or other video sharing sites? For starters, some knowledge of Photoshop will definitely come in handy. Also, if you’re looking for something more than an entry-level position as an editor, you’ll probably want some experience with After Effects—or at least a basic understanding of how it works. Video editing can be extremely fun and even lucrative—but it’s not easy. If your goal is to make money as a full-time video editor, there are some skills that will definitely serve you better than others. So let’s take a look at what skills will get you hired and help boost your chances of landing that first big gig. Let’s also talk about what skills should be added to your resume right now. These days, almost all editors use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit their videos because it allows them to easily use visual effects and change audio levels during playback. Some editors may choose Sony Vegas instead because it has better integration with certain types of cameras (like Canon DSLRs). Other popular video editing software options include Final Cut Pro X from Apple and Avid Media Composer from Avid Technology (which is used by pro filmmakers). The most important thing when picking out a piece of software is making sure you know how to use it before spending any money on training programs or courses.

Do I Need an Education to Become a Video Editor?

For many jobs, education is required. But video editing isn’t one of them. If you’re looking to become a professional video editor, there are several steps you can take to build your skills and gain practical experience that will help you land your dream job. The most important thing is to learn how to tell a story visually through videos. It’s also important to understand basic concepts like color correction and audio engineering. And if you want to be successful in today’s market, it helps to know about things like SEO, blogging platforms and even copyright law. There are plenty of great resources out there for beginners who want to break into video editing—so don’t be afraid to get started! With some hard work and dedication, you could soon be well on your way toward a rewarding career as an editor or videographer.

Do I Need Any Certifications as a Video Editor?

There are so many factors that go into determining an appropriate salary for any particular position, but there are some basic rules of thumb to keep in mind. First, do not let your recent college major or past employment history dictate what you should be paid; those things may have been critical factors when you were applying for jobs during college or earlier in your career, but it’s time to move on from them now. Instead, consider if your skills and abilities match up with what a company is looking for and ask if they could find someone else with similar skills who has little work experience at all. The answer will almost certainly be no, which means you can negotiate more aggressively based on your current level of skill. If you are currently working as a video editor for example, show potential employers how much you know about post-production software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. If you don’t yet have professional experience as a video editor, focus on getting certified by one of these companies instead. This will make it easier to get hired as soon as possible since employers will see that you know what you’re doing right off the bat. In either case though, make sure to check out job boards like Indeed or Monster regularly because opportunities pop up frequently in both entry-level positions and higher level ones too!

What Kind of Job Can I Get as a Video Editor Without any Experience?

It is possible to get jobs as video editors without experience; in fact, most people start out without any experience. Most entry-level jobs will be more on-the-job training positions. However, you can find solid jobs even with no experience, especially if you’re willing to relocate or work freelance. In either case, you’ll need to be persistent and make it known that you’re ready for work! Keep reading for tips on how to land that first job or freelance gig as a video editor.

If you know what type of video editing work interests you, that’s where your search should begin. As mentioned above, entry-level positions are often on-the-job training roles. If a company doesn’t have an open position but has opportunities in mind for your skillset and wants to hire someone who could learn fast—that’s great news! Don’t waste time applying elsewhere—keep these companies at top of mind by updating your resume regularly. And keep emailing/calling them every once in awhile just to let them know you’re still interested. Companies like working with good talent when they find it (even if there’s not a current opening). Eventually one of those contacts might tell someone about you and soon enough—if all goes well—you could have a new position!

What Kind of Salary Can I Expect from These Jobs If i Don’t Have Experience in This Tield Yet?

When you don’t have experience in an industry, it can be hard to gauge exactly how much to ask for your salary. Do you want to be competitive, or do you want to set yourself up for success by starting at a lower number that can grow over time? If you choose the latter route, ask yourself if it will still allow you live comfortably in your area. The answer is different depending on where you live; as of 2017, median salaries for each state are available online. These numbers are based on Bureau of Labor Statistics information, so they can give you an idea of what kinds of income levels people in your field earn throughout their careers. Another helpful resource is Payscale; they provide information about typical starting salaries and potential salary growth across industries.


Being an editor is one of those jobs that you never really hear about. It’s also one of those jobs that you can do from anywhere—as long as you have an Internet connection and a laptop, that is. And with how popular online video has become, it’s not surprising to see video editors being in such high demand right now. If you have experience working with video editing software and would like to work on your own schedule, consider becoming a freelance video editor. All it takes is a few hours of hard work per week to make enough money for rent and Netflix… but if you put in enough hours (and maybe hustle up some new clients), you could end up making more than just pocket change.



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